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chas n chuck at Harold's Ny Deli in Edison NJ
Chuck at Jaxson's in Ft. Lauderdale Florida massive hot dog
about chas n chuck at Commander's Palace in New Orleans, Louisiana
about chas n chuck on Bourbon street in New Orleans, Louisiana
Chef Chuck in the kitchen
about chas n chuck dining in Miami florida

Who are chas n chuck?

About Chas n Chuck…

Chas is an entrepreneur who built a career in the world of IT and computer programs training.  Chas and his wonderful late wife Sylvia would travel the Country for training classes and used this as a way to see beautiful places and taste delicious foods from all around the country.  They eventually caught the “cruise bug” and together traveled on 9 cruises to various places in the world.  With a now or never mentality, Chas has begun to take on all facets of travel and cuisine sampling from America to Asia and anywhere in between!  Chas is also a certified and licensed bartender as well as a commercial travel agent. 

Chuck spent the majority of his life working in commercial kitchens starting off as a dishwasher and cold foods prep person and working his way up to being an Executive Chef.  He has been published many times for food content and has also been on television shows for cooking as well as many local news features. He has worked in basic burger joint type operations up to fine dining locations and was voted as the Best Chef in the Poconos in 2013 before taking a hiatus from the hustle and bustle of running kitchens to spend more time with his family.  Chuck at one time was running five restaurants, 2 banquet halls, and a busy catering service. 

Within the last few years Chuck has begun to have an epiphany and see “the big picture” that Chas had seen many years prior and some people don’t see their entire lives…we are here to LIVE.  Chuck is a proud father of three and tries to pass on positive lessons to his kids and give them someone to look up to.  On top of back of the house kitchen experience, Chuck also spent some time as a server and is also a certified and licensed bartender as well as a webmaster.

Please follow along and see how much fun (and trouble) we can get into in various places throughout the world and international waters.  There will be food, there will be drinks, there will be sights…and hopefully, they Didn’t Suck!

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