Dickee Dee’s – The Best Italian Dog in NJ?

I was told by a good buddy who grew up in Newark, New Jersey (amongst many other people) that the Italian Dog from Dickee Dee’s was something I needed to have as soon as possible. Like an idiot I waited months before getting out there to Newark to check it out, but I’m so happy I did. Had I realized what I was about to enjoy, I definitely would not have let all that time pass by.

Italian Dog’s and Pizza for the win!

Dickee Dee's in Newark, New Jersey

This Italian Dog was massive, and on home baked bread from the bakery across the street (which is legendary). The bread was firm but not hard and stood up to this gigantic and messy sandwich perfectly. The potatoes, onions, and peppers had such great flavor and with the dog and that awesome bread it was just outstanding. I caught a lot of hell in our video for having ketchup on it, but I told the people at Dickee Dee’s to make it exactly how it comes if you order one standard, and that’s what I got. No regrets at all, this was fantastic. Everything I had been told it was going to be, and maybe even more. It is pretty rare when an item stands up to the pedestal it has been put on by so many people, but Dickee Dee’s delivered!

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Had some of the kids with me as well so I wanted to grab them a pie. I took a bite from the front of a slice and a piece of the crust just so I had an idea what the pizza was like. After all, I couldn’t possibly be expected to eat a full slice after that insanely huge Italian Dog could I?!

The pizza was also very good. The cheese to sauce ratio was on point, it had good flavor, a decent char on the bottom of the pie (which I love), and the crust wasn’t too doughy. I personally do not like a crust that is very chewy, and this was not that at all. This stands up against a standard slice from any very good pizzeria in North Jersey for sure.

pizza from Dickee Dee's in Newark, New jersey

I will say that parking here is nearly impossible. I double parked on a really busy road and just hoped I wasn’t going to get hit, ticketed, or towed. The cost of everything though was pretty standard for what you would expect, and I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth. I’ll for sure be back in here at some point…this was a great way to spend a few bucks and put myself in an epic food coma. Dickee Dee’s in Newark, New Jersey – Didn’t Suck!