Gio’s Steaks – Hammonton, NJ Cheesesteak Truck

We were visiting family and friends in Hammonton, New Jersey and felt hungry…hungry for cheesesteaks…and I knew exactly what to do! I was told to check out Gio’s Steaks and i’m so happy that I did. I will say that this is a seasonal truck though so be sure to check if they’re open for the season or closed for the season before planning your meal.

Gio’s Steaks Heavy Arsenal

Cheesesteak with American cheese and fried onions from Gio's Steaks in Hammonton, New Jersey

In total we got: the regular cheesesteak with American and fried onions, “The Woo” which is a buffalo chicken cheesesteak, the Taco Cheesesteak, and Dirty Fries (cheese and gravy). We also had the regular fries which were excellent too.

The regular cheesesteak was very good. Good roll and a good amount of cheese. A little more char on it than I typically prefer, but it didn’t affect the flavor of the steak at all. A solid amount of meat and the ratio of meat to cheese was pretty standard. I enjoyed the size and the doneness of the onions as well, if the onions are too large it messes up the bite for me personally. The meat and onions were well seasoned also. For one of the best cheesesteaks with just cheese (Cooper Sharp) and onion we have had recently, have you seen our post from Curly’s Creations?!

The Taco steak was really interesting because it genuinely tasted like a cheesesteak and a taco both in one. I’ve had mashup’s like this before where it still tastes like the original thing with a hint of the other, that was not the case. I could distinctly taste all of the attributes of a cheesesteak as well as a taco. It is kind of a mess with your brain type moment, but in the best way possible. It is rare that I enjoy when restaurants mess with the “OG Cheesesteak” but this is one that I am totally cool with. I would absolutely order this again without reservation.

The Dirty Fries were also great. Fresh cut fries that were hot and still crisp under the delicious cheese and savory gravy. I’d eat these daily if I could. A good fresh cut fry is a thing of joy, and that’s exactly what these were! So many establishments fail to soak and drain then double fry, and you could tell Gio’s was on their game with this one. A fresh cut fry can literally make or break an experience for me so this was a big win.

Taco Cheesesteak from Gio's Didn't Suck
The woo chicken cheesesteak from Gio's steaks in Hammonton, NJ

Now for my favorite item of the day, “The Woo”. Ric Flair himself wouldn’t be able to hold back from belting out a massive Woooooooooooooooooo after trying this one. The fresh and REAL chicken breast (no puck nonsense), solid and sturdy roll, buffalo sauce, blue cheese…it was excellent. I’ve had MANY chicken cheesesteaks in my life and perhaps aside from making my own, this was quite possibly my favorite. A homerun…or maybe a bodyslam?! As a stand alone cheesesteak it could have used more cheese, but the blue cheese dressing added in made up for that with the addition of the crumbles and adding moisture from the sauce. Definitely a World Champion in a world of jobbers.

A Trek to Hammonton well worth it

In the South Jersey area there is a new place to grab a sandwich, and I think they’re here to stay. From the quality of the food, the cost, and the awesome customer service that we received this was the easiest call we had to make in a while. Gio’s Steaks in Hammonton, NJ – Didn’t Suck!

Dirty fries with cheese and gravy from Gio's steaks Didn't Suck