Delicious Eats at Davy’s Hot Dogs

So pulling into this place I was kind of hit with a “what are we thinking with this one” feeling.  It’s an older looking “A frame” type of all wooden building that looks like it would be set at the bottom of a Swiss Alp serving hot chocolate and crudités plates.  Turns out Davy’s Hot Dogs has some serious dogs, and according to my kids, some pretty tasty burgers as well.

The Dog Days of Deliciousness

Plain hot dogs make my kids happy from Davy's Dogs in Mt Arlington, New Jersey

We came here after the last day of school last year as a bit of a celebration for my kids, and a way for us to try out a new place.  Since having gone, I’ve also heard their chicken cheesesteak and milkshakes are excellent so I’ll need to go back at some point.  We ordered some plain dogs, some burgers, A chili dog with onion and mustard, and an Italian dog.  

The dogs themselves were a good quality and came on a solid roll. My kids are fairly plain with their tastes still so a dog needs to stand on it’s own to get their attention and these did that. The cost was also right in line with pretty much anywhere else around this area.

The burgers were also a proper offering.  They’re served on Jersey Kaiser rolls (which I love) and the meat was juicy and flavorful. You would be surprised at just how easy it can be for a place to mess up a burger, but Davy’s handled this well.

The Chili dog was very tasty.  A balanced chili with good consistency and flavor.  This went really well on this dog. I would absolutely order these from here again.  The Italian dog was also excellent.  Two large dogs with fried potatoes, onions, and peppers on a huge roll.  If you can tell me what’s not to love about that, I’ll be impressed! I wasn’t even remotely close to finishing it…absolutely worth the cost.

Italian Dog from Davy's Hot Dogs in Mt Arlington, New Jersey - Didn't Suck

Roll me out of here, Davy’s Dogs are filling!

We’ll be back here for sure at some point.  A worthy stop with a quick on/off from Route 80. Davy’s Dogs in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey – Didn’t Suck!

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