El Fogon – Best Mexican Food in Playa Del Carmen?

El Fogon restaurant (translates to “The Oven”) in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, offers a culinary experience that delights the senses with its authentic Mexican food flavors and vibrant atmosphere. The star of the menu in our opinion, the Parrillada Normal platter, showcases a mouthwatering selection of various meats, including succulent beef (both hangar and ribeye), flavorful chorizo, and we switched out the chicken for al pastor pork grilled to perfection alongside an array of fresh vegetables and indulgent queso fundido. This delectable feast is perfect for sharing among friends or family, allowing diners to savor the rich textures and bold flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine.  While we really enjoy hitting the all inclusive style resorts when hitting tourist type areas like this (such as Mr. Sanchos), there is no way the food in places like that can compare with this.

Mexican Food in Mexico…Go Figure

Mexican food - Pork and Bean soup from El Fogon Playa Del Carmen Mexico
Mexican food - Fresh fruit frozen desserts from El Fogon Playa Del Carmen Mexico

El Fogon es Fuego!


A huge first food stop in Mexico, I couldn’t be happier (or more full) #mexico #mexicanfood #foryou #tacos #tacosalpastor #playadelcarmen #didntsuck

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