Gooey Looie’s – Massive in South Philly

Prepare your treasure maps for this stop, we had a heck of a time finding it. Much like a treasure search though, when you find it, you will feel far richer than you did before! For today’s deliciousness from Gooey Looie’s I went with Cooper Sharp/wit’ (wit’ means with sautéed onions) for my cheesesteak , my son got a cooper sharp/without, and my other son and daughter got cheeseburgers. The hunt for this speakeasy of a local gem soon turned out to be well worth the travel.

Cooper Sharp wit’

Cheesesteak Cooper Sharp wit from Gooey Looie's in South Philadelphia

Gooey Looie’s is tucked inside of a little area that looks like a mix of apartments and commercial rental units, but from nearly all sides except the parking lot it looks like a bunch of nothing. A hidden city protecting a wealth of meat and cheese! When we finally found this one we were very happy and excited to check it out. This is not your typical tourist trap location with a ton of lights and lines down the block. There were a few guys playing touchscreen gambling games and a few employees and that was that. It was…wonderful

When taking this steak in my hands it was like someone gave me a dumbbell. Very heavy steak sandwich and you could smell it through the bag. This was a more finely chopped steak than some in the area, depending on what you like that’s either a good or bad thing. For me personally, I like both styles so I was happy one way or another. There was a ton of cheese on this steak to match the ton of meat. The bread was very solid, not ripping or falling apart at all. The onions were a small dice (which I love) and were cooked perfectly. All in all this was a really solid sandwich.

I can’t speak to the quality of the burgers, but both my son and daughter said they enjoyed them. In the ballpark of $30 for two steaks and two burgers, this was a seriously excellent price tag. I am used to spending $30 just on two steaks so I was stunned when they told me the damage. This is a spot that warrants a visit even if it’s just to say you’ve been there and tried it. I will be going back without a doubt (especially since I hear their cold hoagies are even better than the cheesesteaks).

How Gooey is Looie?

Larger than Life sandwich (and I’ve heard the cold sandwiches are even better) at a solid price. This goes without saying…Gooey Looie’s in South Philly – Didn’t Suck!

Check out our TikTok video on Gooey Looie’s here !!