Is Jaxson’s the Best Ice Cream Spot in South Florida?

We hopped off of our flight from Pennsylvania to Fort Lauderdale and immediately got hit with with muggy and thick South Florida air. First thought? Ice Cream!! I was thinking maybe a nice little sundae. Little…is not what I got at Jaxson’s!

Here We Specialize in Gigantic!

Cherry BonBon Sundae at Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Okay so getting something massive is awesome. Getting something delicious is awesome. Getting something massive and delicious together in one, is something totally different. At Jaxson’s, we got a gigantic fresh hot dog and two super large sundaes, and it was seriously so much better than the expectations I had when walking in the door. Usually when you see foods at sizes like this you expect them to be more fan fare and frills than based on their taste, but that is simply not the case here.

There is a very cool atmosphere to the place also. Our service was solid, she was friendly, and the food came fairly quickly as well. Chas and I split this 1lb. crazy big hot dog and there were four of us trying to eat two sundaes (and we simply couldn’t make it happen) of different flavors. I cannot stress enough that I was stunned at the sheer size of everything here.

The hot dog was all beef and a full pound in heft. They are made exclusively for Jaxson’s, and it had great flavor. The roll was also toasted nicely and for a roll in Florida, was surprisingly good quality. I would put this dog in the conversation of some of the best I have had, and that’s saying a lot (especially if you’ve seen my post on The Best Hot Dogs in North New Jersey) since I have had Hot Dogs from NYC to Las Vegas and everywhere in between!

For the Sundaes we got the “Cherry BonBon” which was just straight littered with cherries, and it was amazing. The ice cream quality was also very good, which was great to see that it wasn’t just masked by the toppings. We also got the “Tropical Delight” which had 5 types of sherbet with cherries, pineapple, and coconut. It was seriously so good, like what you would expect on an island somewhere. I have to be in the mood for sherbet and I’m willing to bet I’d quickly get in the mood anytime I walk into Jaxson’s moving forward.

Gigantic 1lb Hot Dog from Jaxson's in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor – The Best?

Tropical Delight Sherbet Sundae from Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I have had a lot of ice cream in South Florida. Growing up with family in Royal Palm Beach and Lake Worth I had the opportunity to try out many different places that were considered top of their game between Miami and Port St. Lucie. I also do not often enjoy labeling places “the best” or giving a ranking system. With all of that said, Jaxson’s has to fall near the top of this list.

Hardly even a question…Jaxson’s in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Didn’t Suck!