Is Sally’s Apizza the best pizza in the country?

Finally after hearing a ton of people claim that New Haven pizza is better than Brooklyn’s, I was able to get to New Haven and try a few spots.  Today’s stop on the pizza parade was Sally’s Apizza.  People like Dave Portnoy (Barstool Pizza Reviews) and many others have really driven this belief that New Haven is the Pizza Capital to a point where I simply had to know for myself. No… I can say my personal opinion on the matter.  

Apizza vs. Pizza

Sally's Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut

I decided to order online and skip the lines which proved to be a genius idea.  There were people waiting to get sat in the dining room for the entire time I was there (about 30 minutes) that didn’t even move up the sidewalk at all.  I would definitely suggest calling in an order if you’re going to sample Sally’s. For anyone who makes the comment about pizza being in a box and how it ruins it and yada yada whatever…I saw it hit the box, it was handed directly to me, I walked the 17 or so feet back to my car, and ate.

So the crust was great in my personal opinion.  I like that charred, half burnt looking crust and under carriage of a pizza so this made me happy.  To some people that is burnt and not appealing, I am not one of those people.  The sauce tasted good and was seasoned well, and they use a quality cheese for sure.  For me that is enough to land a solid score any day of the week. There are other factors (especially when claiming this is the best pizza ever), but I would say it Didn’t Suck just based on those things alone.

I will add though that even with it being super thin and also having that coal fired char to it, the actual body of it was a bit of a mess.  It folded by itself nearly to the floor (the flop) as I picked it up (you’ll see eventually when I review the other spot I went that it was even worse there).  I have no problem eating this with two hands or bending my head down and scooping underneath the front of the slice if necessary…but this is not what I expected when someone said this would be better than Brooklyn.  

I have had very high quality pizza all across New York City and New Jersey so when I hear a claim that this is going to decimate all others, I take that very seriously.

Sally's Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut Didn't Suck

Sally’s or Brooklyn?

Depending on what you like this could be a top 5 pizza in your life, or it could be something you never want to experience again.  One way or another, I implore you to find out for yourself.  Listening to a bunch of people tell you what they like about pizza won’t help you much…just eat the pizza.  I’ll say Sally’s Apizza Didn’t Suck, but the Brooklyn pizzeria’s of my childhood (and a few select ones in New Jersey) are still a step above to me personally.