Does the White Rose Bar and Grill have the best burger in York, PA?

We stopped at The White Rose Bar and Grill on our way back to the Poconos from Washington DC and a quick internet search brought up some food that looked excellent, so we figured we had to stop. Being in the mood for some burgers and wings made it the perfect reason to come here, and they did not disappoint one bit. Some wings, a few different burgers, and a chicken sandwich later…let’s see if they snagged the title.

Wings and Burgers a plenty

All American Burger - White Rose Bar and Grill

First of all….FIRST OF ALL, let me talk to you about this drink. So I typically try to order things that are low/no calorie for my beverage and it is usually water, coke zero, unsweetened tea are my options. So our server (who I believe was also the bartender in our section) said they have some flavored unsweetened teas. Now I’m intrigued and she lists off a few flavors. Something about the unsweetened strawberry tea screamed order me, so I did just that. And then a few minutes later had another one. Wow. I believe she was just using a sugar free Monin syrup but this tea had a such a great flavor to it and actually tasted like strawberry. Not the essence of strawberry, not a hint of strawberry, but actual strawberry. It was fantastic.

If I haven’t mentioned already, this place is massive. There are at least 3-4 separate dining rooms inside as well as at least 2 outdoor dining areas that were closed in (I’m guessing because of the change in temperature and weather) with basically just big tents with windows. To properly staff a place of this size, especially in this day in age, must be tough.

We started with some wings. Wanted to go pretty basic so we just went with medium buffalo and we got a ranch and a bleu cheese. The wings were large but also had a nice crispiness to the outside of them. The interior meat was still very moist and overall the wing was cooked perfectly. No tastes of fryer oil or anything off-putting, and the sauce had a good flavor and balance as well. I believe they made the ranch and bleu cheese in house and both had nice flavor. The ranch was almost whipped in consistency and had some herbs in it that you typically don’t get when ordering ranch. I enjoyed all of this a lot.

The Optimus Prime Burger from White Rose Bar and Grill in York, PA - didn't suck
Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich from The White Rose Bar and Grill

Samantha got the CBR sandwich (Chicken, Bacon, Ranch), Tara got Optimus Prime burger with prime rib, frizzled onions, and provolone (with tiger sauce), and I got the all American burger which was basically the same toppings you’d get on a big mac but add bacon. All 3 were very good.

The CBR had a good overall flavor and the texture on the chicken was very good. Occasionally you get a chicken breast that just has a poor mouthfeel, but this had a nice bite. Add in melted cheddar, bacon, and that ranch from earlier on a toasted brioche roll and now we’re in business!

The burger with the prime rib was very good as well, I mean, how could it not be? Prime rib on top of a quality burger patty with melted cheese and frizzled onions is basically a cheat code. If there is one thing I need to say negatively, it is that both this burger and mine were well past the temp we asked them to be. We both wanted medium rare and there maybe might have been a very slight bit of pink left in them, if any at all. The burgers were still juicy and excellent though.

My All American was exactly what I envisioned, exactly what I wanted, and I was happy after eating it. Again the only thing wrong was the temp, but it tasted great.

All American Burger from The White Rose Bar and Grill in York, PA

White Rose Bar and Grill – The Best?

Another important thing to note, the service here was excellent, even down to the food runners/bussers. Our server was 100% on her game and was very friendly and very professional. All in all, just a wonderful experience with all members of the staff.

Absolutely recommend this place without reservation. White Rose Bar and Grill in York, PA – Didn’t Suck!